I still hadn't cum, but as soon as Pete started on me with that paddle I did. I don't think he had even reached 10 before I was gushing like the little slut I am again.

But that one was nothing like the one I had after Pete dumped his load in my ass and then pulled out just in time for the other 3 to start hosing my face with their pee. God, I was soooo bad. I rolled over on my back, opened my mouth, spread my legs, pulled my lips apart with my fingers and begged them to give it to me. They did. Then they left for their softball game. No, they didn't take their dogs with them. Before they had even climbed into their trucks I was already getting back into position for a growling and very adamant Gunther. I'm not sure when they finally all left me alone. Like the guys had the day before, whenever one of them would get the urge they would just trot over, snarl at me to get into position, and then fuck me almost senseless. Eventually, one of them did.

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When I woke up, the guys were still gone. But they must have come back sometime during the afternoon, because my chain was unlocked from the stake. I guess that that is when I realized how much I LOVED being a dogslut. Any other girl would have gotten up at that point and gone inside. I crawled around to the shady side of the tree where Jake was snoozing and started to suck his cock. By the time the guys got back that evening all 7 of them had fucked me again and Butkus and I were still tied together out by the back fence. He had literally dragged me back there by his knot after he came because I was too tired to prevent him from jumping off. I know I should be ashamed to admit it but I just couldn't stop. I loved getting dog fucked like that, even when the guys weren't watching.

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Pete came out to me when Butkus finally pulled out and told me that as soon as I wanted to stop being a bitch I could come back inside. I started to cum just from the grin he gave me when I crawled back over to my stake. Not for the last time.

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Love you all, your little fuckslut, cumslut, alleyslut, dogslut, and urinal slut, Candy. Sue stood up and said "OK, but it is very important to do exactly as I say and I am asking for your complete trust. I don't want to scare you, I know that if you put your trust in me and do what I tell you to do, you will leave here a woman that will be so totally sexually satisfied that you just may never look at sex the same ever again." I said "Hell Susan, I already feel that way now, but I'm yours to teach. She said, "Good, lets get back up stairs and get started." I thought it had something to do with the sex toys she had told me about. When we got to her room she put all of her pillows in the center of the bed. Then she said "get up and lay over them with your tummy on them." I did and as I got in place she pulled up some silk ropes and began to tie them to my wrist and to my ankles. All the time she tied me up she kept telling me I was going to love this.

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I was very excited and I felt her fingers back at my hole working it opening me up. I moaned with enjoyment and I felt her working me to a climax like this. I was ready to come when Sue pulled back and said, "I'll be right back dear, now don't you go anywhere." I moaned and could not wait for her return. After a few minutes I herd her come back (my back was to the bedroom door) I heard her say "Up Gus, Lick Gus." I froze. I felt the big dog jump up and his tongue was in me with in as flash I tried to get loose from him but the ties help me. I screamed "get him down, get him away, no, stop him, please stop him Susan." Sue got up on the bed and but her face down next to mine. She said, "he will not hurt you Autumn, you are going to experience pleasure beyond your belief. Feel his tinge, feel him licking?"

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I felt him licking all right. His tongue was working in and out side of my vagina and he would lick inside of my butt hole, he lapped at my clit and as fast as he had scared me, he had me racing to a climax. I could barley hear Susan as she spoke to me. "That's it baby, let it go, let him take you there, relax sweetheart, that's it, come for mama, come form me dear, that's, it lets it go, let it go." I was screaming I mean screaming with pleasure as he licked me to an orgasm that was beyond any orgasm. I heard Sue say "Mount Gus, Mount." With that command Gus stopped licking and I felt him jump up onto my back. I knew what was coming, I felt this slim hard dog dick enter my hole, he started fucking so fast, and he held me in place with his front paws. I trusted Sue because everything she did to me gave me pleasure just like she said. I felt his dick start to grow and I mean it grew longer and fatter. I had a climax shoot through me so hard and so hard I saw stars in my head. I felt Sue's mouth kissing me as Gus was cramming himself into me like a jackhammer.

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It was way beyond moaning it was way beyond screaming. I could not breathe because my body was raked with one hard orgasm after another. I felt Gus pull me back and hold me as he shot his dog stuff into me. I felt his stuff against my cervix and I am sure even inside of it (if that was possible) I felt as if I had a watermelon inside of me. His dick must have grown 10 times it size while inside of me. He pulled back, I heard a loud pop, and I swear a watermelon came out of me when he did come out. I laid there trying to catch my breath. As Sue untied me, she looked at me with those loving eyes and asked, "Was it everything I said it would be dear?"

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I looked back at her and said, "More, much more than I could ever imagine." I just lay there relaxing and I could feel the dog sperm oozing out of me. I did not want to think of him fucking me; I did not want to think of how great it felt and how fast he could fuck. I did not want to think about any of that but it was all I could do not too. Sue helped me sit up and I looked down at Gus, he was licking himself and I saw the reason I heard the popping sound he had a huge ball or knot on his dick about 3/4 back from the tip. I realized that it had to have been inside of me.

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I saw that he had some leather things over his front paws and I asked Sue what that was all about. She said "Oh honey, those booties stop his front claws from scratching you. When he grips you his claws dig in. If I didn't have those things on your sides, back and tummy area would all be scratched up right now and maybe even bleeding." I looked at her and smiled then said, "I am glad he is wearing them then."

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I told Sue I was going to take another shower. Once in there I just stood there letting the hot water run off of me. The guilt came over me hard; I stood there and began washing and then scrubbing my skin. I was feeling sick with my self for what I had become in such a short period of time. I started to cry and talk to God; I was upset that he would make my body in such a way that I wanted sex so much and that I wanted it in such sick ways. Why couldn't Jim have been a better lover? Why had he given him such a small dick? I cried saying Why, Why, Why.

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