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Amateur bestiality

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"I want to fuck you April." "No... we can't," I said. "Let me cum in you," he asked. I said no, and he pounded faster. "Please?" I didn't think I was ready to go that far yet, especially with my brothers best friend.

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"Then suck me off." "Oh...OK, I guess...OK," I stuttered, "but no sex, OK?" He quietly nodded and stepped closer. The way I was sitting, his cock was mouth level for me. I took just the head in at first, not knowing what I was in for. I slowly took more and more until my mouth was full of hard dick. He moaned as I teased his balls with my tongue and stroked his rod. The whole time I was keeping one hand in my twat. I guess it was only about a minute when he started shaking and went all stiff. The next thing I know, I'm swallowing his hot, salty come. I thought he was never going to finish! It turned me on so much that I came at the same time! I had never been able to get myself off like that before!

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We collapsed panting. I was on the bed and he fell to the floor right where I had sucked him off. After a few quiet minutes we started giggling and talking about what we had just done. As we talked about it I watched his cock start hardening again!

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"Christ, are you still horny?" I asked in amazement. "Yeah, just looking at you makes me horny." I smiled wickedly and stood up off the bed. I lightly pranced around him in as sexy a way as I could. He smiled up at me and started stroking himself again. I bent over in front of him, grabbed my ankles and looked back through my legs at him. I traced my hand up my thigh to my pussy and spread my lips apart. I lightly stroked my clit and smiled at him.

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"Please let me fuck you, April!" "No," I laughed, "look but don't touch." "You're a real fuckin' tease, You know that?" he yelled. Suddenly, he stood up and his whole face turned red. I could tell I had pushed him to far. He walked towards me and grabbed my arms. He spun me around so my back was to him. His fingers dug into my arms. He pulled me to him and I could feel his cock rub my ass.

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"C'mon, Mark, stop it, you're hurting me," I cried. "I don't give a fuck!" "Please don't... please..." His grip tightened on my arms. He walked me to the bed and pushed me down. Before I could roll over to try and fight him, he pin- ned my arms to the bed.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard," he hissed into my ear, "you're never gonna tease anyone ever again!" With that, I felt him move his dick against my pussy lips from behind. I felt him spread my lips to my opening. He grunted as he shoved his dick into my tight hole. It hurt so bad I screamed, but that only made him pull out and do it again. And again. And again until he started slowly pumping his cock in my pussy. I sobbed and whimpered. Tears ran down my face onto the pillow.

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Slowly, a new feeling took over. It was something I had never felt before. Every part of my body tingled and shook. I went tense and exploded in orgasm. Rick continued to pound me from behind, and call me names. With every thrust and every insult, I wanted more!