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"Ill bet she does!" joked Andy, causing the rest of the assembled company to chuckle. There was an element of truth in what I was saying. I addressed my guests; "Tonight she will be waiting on us while we eat. Whatever you need, just give her the nod and she'll get you whatever you need"

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"Really!" commented Andy, eyebrow raised. More sniggers from those guests who knew her role in the household. As my party moved to the dining room, taking their places and chatting easily, I guided Debbi into the kitchen.

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"Everything you need is laid out for you, it should be self explanatory" The job she had left prior to entering my house was that of a waitress at a residential care home, so I had no real worries regarding her ability to serve the food.

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I left to join my guests. Before too long Debbi emerged carrying two plates filled with spaghetti bolognaise I had knocked up that afternoon.

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Back and forth she went, until every member of out party was faced with a plate of food. "Are you not eating?" queried Andy, as she leant around him with the wine bottle, her unfettered breasts accidentally rubbing against his arm.

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"I.I've already eaten" she uttered. I relaxed. She was understandably tense, but Andy seemed to be buying the story. For the next hour she busied herself at the table, pouring glass after glass of red wine, until the faces of my friends were quite flushed with an alcoholic glow. As Debbie retreated to the kitchen to wash the dirty plates their inhibitions began to disappear.

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"So where did you find this one?" smiled shona, a cheeky glint in her eye. She was only too aware of my dominant streak. "I've known her for years, " I answered truthfully "Its only just recently that I've been able to offer her a job

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"Very pretty!" risked Graham, instantly receiving a sharp slap across the thigh from Chris "Really?" I asked with mock nonchalance "I hadn't noticed" "You can't tell me that you didn't notice her." Andy cupped his hands in front of his chest, the international sign for breasts.

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"I must admit, she's quite attractive, "I conceded. "And just what is it that she does?" Andy enquired. I got the impression that she'd had quite an impact on him . "Anything I want" I informed innocently

"Anything?" repeated Andy, laughingly "Yes. " I answered in a matter of fact voice. "That's got to be worth a bet," he observed, looking round the room for approval. Playing the game, the rest of the guests nodded encouragingly.