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I pushed her hand away, "Not now. We can save that for dessert." "Or for an appetizer." As Amanda stood up and cashed out her money, she giggled listening to the sound of money dropping into the drawer.

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"Here you go." As I tossed her a cup, "Put the money in here. How much did you come out a head?" "I was up ten but I am back to where we started. We are going to have to do it again." "Sure, we will have many chances of doing that while we are here." I smiled, "Well are you ready to paint the town red?"

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"Yes I am." Amanda said as she got up she had her money cup in one hand her other arm wrapped in mine. We started to walk towards the baggage claim when all of sudden you walked smacked dab into me at full force knocking the breath out of me.

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"Oh, I am so sorry" I heard you say in small voice, "Are you okay?" "Yeah I am." I said grabbing my stomach feeling that I was just winded, I looked up, and it was you. My heart began to race and stomach felt like it was up in my throat. I could barely move or even talk but my manhood began to grow even more. I just looked into your eyes for that long moment holding myself together, watching you grow more concern.

"Are you sure you are okay. You look like you just saw ghost?" The question threw me off which made me laugh and catch my breath. " Yeah I am okay. Are you okay? You are the one that ran into me." I said with a sly smile.

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"Yeah I am okay. You just caught me off guard. I didn't think you were right there. A moment ago I saw you further away." You smiled.

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I smiled even more that you even noticed me from a distance. My body jumped into full desire yet I didn't want Amanda to know or see how I felt from the reaction of getting winded. "Yeah I am fine." As I locked into your eyes; once more, I didn't not realize how beautiful you were. Your eyes were a dark blue green that sparkled when you smiled.

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I never thought I would run into you here. I heard that you moved out here but I didn't think it was actually true. I glanced over to Amanda and she looked like she was about to kill you as if you actually wrecked something that belonged to her yet she never even asked if I was okay. Amanda just tugged at my arm to continue walking.

Amanda spoke "The nerve of you to run into my fiancÚ." As she gave you the once over she continued, "Hon are you ready to go get our bags and check in the hotel I need to go freshen up before dinner. And our reservations are in less than in hour." She tugged at my arm to keep moving.

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"I am so sorry. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you let me know please," You said holding out your hand for a handshake. I took your hand into mine caressed it for a quick moment before I gave it a quick shake. "Apology accepted." As I continued to be dragged away from the scene, I turned to Amanda "What is with you? Why were you so rude to her? It was an accident."

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Amanda looked into my eyes, "Yeah I know it was an accident but I didn't like her for what ever reason and I wanted to get going." "Oh. Well than lets grab our bags and go to the hotel for now." "Great idea, then I can have my way with you before we paint the town red." Amanda smiled with her brown eyes.

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Once we grabbed our bags and found the shuttle to our hotel, and checked in, Amanda seemed to be in a better mood again. As for me, I felt beat from all the tension from flying and running into her. My thoughts drifted off again. I felt your hand in mine so soft, tender and I wanted to pull you into me to let you know how much I wanted you. When you ran into me I could feel your breasts against my lower chest and upper abdomen. I couldn't believe how big yet muscular and slender your body was. You held your self with confidence from a distance yet your actual strength has hidden underneath your clothing. It was like a hidden secret I discovered. My thoughts continued to trail on the lovemaking we had in the car from few months back. The way you looked at me with your eyes, another hidden asset that changed color depending on the color of clothing you wore. Your smile could make any guy stop lose sense of reality, and the passion you brought with our lovemaking. I would have never guessed that you would be so desirable and erotic. I would never have considered you my type from the get go. I remembered the last thing that was said before I took you back to your car. The possibility of you being pregnant, it scared me for being a fool yet it in away I would want you to be the mother of my child if I had the choice to make you would be mine. My loins ached for as I felt myself getting hard with the thought of you carrying my child. I smiled laughing to myself remembering wondering how I could see you again when all of sudden..

I came back to reality real quick when I felt myself be thrown against the wall of my hotel room. My head cracked the wall along with my back. The shock of pain as my head started to pound I thrown against the wall again and again as I started to stumble I felt myself be pushed toward the bed and thrown down once again. I tried grabbing my head in pain when my arm was pushed up over my head and handcuffed. Then the other arm was taken the same way. "What the hell is going on?" As I tried to focus and concentrate at what was at hand. "Let me go damn it!!" My temperament started to rise.