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Rachael smiled to herself as she searched the basement. There were no other cars coming. She knew that. Gale knew that. However, if there was anyone listening in the shadows, they might be sweating bullets now. She tensed with the sound of creaking floorboards above them.

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"Someone's back in the house." Rachael's brown eyes widened in realization. "Gale, out! We were set up!" Rushing back to the stairs, Rachael pushed her girlfriend to move. When the door slammed close and locked, she couldn't believe that she had fallen for this. If she was a rookie, she might have expected for this to happen but, now... She had more experience than this.

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Moving her lover to the side, the taller woman began ramming into the locked door. With each time her shoulder impacted into the door, she could feel the stairs sway. Gale looked down at the steps beneath them. "Ray, these stairs aren't going to hold us. Stop!"

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"What the hell did those bastards do with Sarah?!" Rachael asked emphasizing each word with a shoulder to the door. Losing her battle with control, Rachael backed away enough to aim her gun properly at the door. She fired several shots around the outside of the knob making the lock virtually nonexistent. She looked back at her girlfriend, who was standing motionless midway down the steps. "Come on, Gale."

Gale shook her head slowly then held her breath in fear. "What's wrong with you?!" Rachael jogged down the stairs stopping just in front of Gale, ignoring her girlfriend's pleas for her to stop. "What is it?!"

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Before Gale could answer, the two women felt the stairs beneath them collapsing. They fell several feet to the hard basement floor. It might have helped, if there had been something to break their fall. Unfortunately, the only thing for them to use as a cushion were the remains of the stairs.

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Groggily, Rachael rolled onto her side. She pushed up onto her elbow, taking a moment to shake the fuzz out of her head. "Gale," she said, trying to focus her eyes clearly. The petite woman gave a hissed intake of air. "Still here, lover."

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Rachael crawled over to her girlfriend with a concerned frown upon her face. She searched Gale's small body with her eyes. There did not seem to be anything that was broken. Gale might have a few scrapes and bruises but, for the most part, she was fine. Taking a bit of relief in that, Rachael rose to her feet, then, helped Gale to do the same.