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For the îrst time, Jennifer felt a hot blush creep up her neck. She lowered her gaze and instinctively pressed her knees together. When she looked back up at Sanchez after a moment, the man made a motion with his hand indicating that Jennifer should turn in a circle.

"What a beauty," Raoul Sanchez thought as Jennifer slowly complied with his demands. He watched enthralled as the American woman turned slowly. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and îlled her B cup brazier nicely. Sanchez could see that the small satin garment offered very little support. What he saw behind that smooth shining material was all Jennifer. His eyes traveled slowly down the Americanås body noting every enticing curve. Jenniferås tummy was ïat and muscular as a result of hours of working out. As the young woman continued to turn, reluctantly displaying herself, Sanchez was awe struck, as were many by Jennifer Landås ass. As she turned away from him, Raoul Sanchez was presented with a lovely view of Jenniferås narrow waist and spreading hips. The smooth, white skin of her muscular back was accented by the long pony tail of dark, shining hair which hung almost to Jenniferås waist. Again she stood sideways to him presenting a mouth drying view of her full, shapely bottom.

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"Dios Mio!" Sanchez gasped softly. When at last Jennifer again faced her captor, Sanchezås eyes locked onto the triangular panel of satin between the young womanås shapely thighs. The shining panel bulged outward enticingly. Obviously a treasure lay behind.

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Sanchez very much wanted to see what lay hidden behind the two small garments which remained between him and the full disclosure of the American womanås charms. A voyeur at heart, Raoul Sanchez rarely engaged actively in these "interviews" as he thought of them, and there had been several in the recent past. This time, however, as he studied the shapely body of the woman standing opposite his desk, Sanchez thought he might like to participate.

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At last Sanchez roused himself from his musings and said, "That was well done, Mrs. Land. As I said earlier, you are a handsome woman. Please come around here and stand beside me. I would like to get a closer look at you."

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Jenniferås mind raced as she frantically tried to think of a way out of this horrible situation. "Mrs. Land," Sanchez said expectantly. "Come around here now, please." With his hand, he gestured to the ïoor beside his chair.

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Unable to think coherently in her panicked state of mind, Jennifer found herself doing exactly as she was told, moving slowly around the big desk until at last she stood near her captorås chair. "Closer, please, Mrs. Land," Sanchez said with a predatory smile.

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Jennifer took a step closer. When she saw Sanchez reach a hand in her direction, Jennifer instinctively started to move to avoid his touch, but when she saw the cold look appear instantly on Sanchezås face she froze. Jennifer shuddered when the man placed his hand on her hip and pulled her closer still. Jennifer stumbled slightly almost falling into Sanchezås lap in the process, but was able to catch her balance at the last minute.

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"Her skin is so very soft," Sanchez thought. "American women do spend a lot of time on their appearance. In this oneås case, itås been worth the effort." He felt Jennifer ïinch when he squeezed the îrm ïesh just behind her hip bone. "Love handles," the Americanås call them," he thought with a smile. "A good name." He allowed his hand to slip down onto the smooth satin covering the young womanås fabulous backside. Sanchez could feel Jenniferås body heat through the soft satin. He also noted with excitement the îrmness of the ïesh beneath. In his mindås eye, Sanchez saw that ïesh compressing beneath the impact of a loverås thighs. "Soon," he thought. "Soon."

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Sanchez broke the prolonged uncomfortable silence by saying, "Your brazier, Mrs. Land. Remove it for me now, please." When Jennifer opened her mouth to object, she received a painful squeeze from Sanchezås powerful hand upon her hip. She looked down at him in bewilderment, wincing in pain. Sanchez brought his other hand up to Jenniferås other hip holding her as he turned his chair to face her. Then spreading his knees apart, he pulled Jennifer forward so that she stood between them. Jennifer whimpered for the second time, jumping slightly when she felt the course material of Sanchezås pant legs touch her skin. She quickly found herself in a very compromising position.

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"Your brazier, Mrs. Land," Sanchez said again in a far more commanding tone of voice as he stared Jennifer coldly in the eye. The manås big hands remained on her hips as Jennifer slowly brought her hands up to the small catch between the cups of her bra. Jennifer closed her eyes and shuddered once again when the man began to slowly kneed the ïesh of her hips. Then her hands froze in place. Jennifer was unable to go any further. Fear had her completely paralyzed.

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"Look at me, Mrs. Land!" Sanchez snapped, shocking Jennifer back to the moment. "Oww," she cried when the big man squeezed her hips. This time with both his powerful hands, leaving red imprints in Jenniferås white skin. She did as she was told and opened her eyes.

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"Thatås better the man cooed. Now, once again, Mrs. Land," he continued, his tone of voice turning cold. "I want you to remove your brazier. Donåt make me ask you again, Mrs. Land." The hostile, threatening demeanor of the big man coupled with the mild state of shock that Jennifer was in caused her resolve to falter. She unfastened the catch of her bra. At that same instant, to Jenniferås astonishment, Raoul Sanchez slipped his thumbs under the elastic waist band of her panties and quickly drew them down past her knees in one smooth, practiced motion.

"Nooo!" Jennifer cried. Unwittingly she let go of her brazier in a belated attempt to prevent her captor from exposing her. The result was quite pleasing to the eye. The elastic strap at the back of Jenniferås bra caused the cups covering her îrm breasts to jerk back suddenly, making her bounce invitingly just inches from Sanchezås face. Jennifer saw the manås eyeås lock onto her exposed sex as she reïexively tried to capture the brazier. The whole affair was almost comical. Quickly, Jennifer moved her right hand down to cover herself while attempting to cover her breasts with her left hand and forearm.